Record-breaking sales for world’s best-selling haggis boosted by Burns!

Scottish family butcher Simon Howie, the company which now boasts the world’s best-selling haggis, has seen record-breaking sales for its expanded haggis range in the run up to Burns Night.

simon howie haggis range 454g

Last Wednesday was the biggest ever day for haggis deliveries in the firm’s history … until last Thursday, which outstripped the previous day’s deliveries of haggis to all the main supermarket chains throughout the length and breadth of the UK.

Simon Howie said: “As of last week, our delivered-in volumes of haggis have increased by an incredible 40% on last year and we have sold 32% more cases of haggis into the rest of the UK than the previous year. Indeed, now six out of every 10 haggis we sell are sold out with Scotland to the rest of the UK.

“And our just-launched gluten free haggis is already on track to massively exceed our forecasts; the feedback has been amazing and has put haggis back on the menu for thousands that had to avoid it until now.”

The substantial boost in sales comes on the back of a Burns Tour of Tesco and Morrison’s supermarkets throughout Scotland for shoppers to taste for themselves just why Simon Howie is the most popular choice for haggis-lovers at Burns Night.

With more than £3 million of total haggis sales for the year, the Simon Howie Original Haggis was recently named the world’s best-selling haggis, almost outselling the two other best-selling lines combined over the Burns period. And Simon Howie now has the UK’s best-selling original, veggie and family haggis in the UK.

One in every three haggis bought from a supermarket last year was a Simon Howie haggis. At Burns Night, the Scottish family butcher sells more 454g vegetarian haggis than any other veggie haggis brand. And the Simon Howie 908g haggis is the UK’s best-selling family size haggis.

“Having grown our sales by over a third over the past year, we are now the UK’s fastest growing haggis brand, with our launch of the world’s first widely-available gluten free haggis, this month’s sales put us firmly on track to stretch our lead as the world’s best-selling haggis brand.”


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Date: 23 January 2017

Notes to Editors

• The Simon Howie Original haggis is the world’s best-selling haggis based on IRI Till Data of 52 weeks’ year on year comparison to 09/04/16 based on unit and value sales.

• Burns period sales based on Nielson Scantrack 12 wk 12/3/16

• Simon Howie Haggis is the UK’s fastest growing haggis brand based on the same data as above.

• Simon Howie employs 120 people

• The business is based in Dunning, Perthshire and started operating 30 yrs ago.

• Simon Howie retails lines are stocked in all the major supermarkets across Scotland and nationwide.

• Simon Howie Butchers also boasts a successful food service business supplying the likes of Gleneagles, The Old Course, Blythswood Square, Di Maggio’s and many more.