**Veterinary practice launches Vaccine Amnesty in response to widespread decline in pet vaccination **

The Pets’n’Vets Family, the network of veterinary practices with surgeries around Glasgow and surrounding areas, has launched a Vaccine Amnesty in response to a recent report highlighting a worrying decline in the number of pet owners vaccinating their cats, dogs and rabbits.

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The latest PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report reveals that just 75% of dogs and 65% of cats received a primary vaccination course when young; the lowest levels ever recorded in the annual study. Furthermore, only 66% of owners surveyed have protected their pet with annual booster vaccinations.

Rabbits remain the most at risk, with only 50% receiving a primary vaccination when young, and 55% not receiving their annual booster vaccinations.

Ross Allan, Pets’n’Vets Family partner, said: “Most of the main diseases for dogs and cats have been well controlled in the UK over the last two decades through widespread vaccination, but the decline in vaccination levels highlighted in this report raises the risk of a resurgence.

“Indeed, we recently came across an outbreak of the life-threatening but totally preventable Parvovirus amongst a litter of puppies. Fortunately, we were able to save all the puppies’ lives with intense veterinary treatment in our isolation unit at The Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital – but we mustn’t be complacent.

“This experience, together with the recent PAW report, has raised our awareness of the serious dangers that are out there.”

In response, The Pets’n’Vets Family has launched a proactive three-month Vaccine Amnesty whereby it will sponsor “catch-up” vaccinations for all pets that have not been vaccinated for 15 months or longer.

Oliver Jackson, Pets’n’Vets Family partner, said: “This decrease in the number of dogs, cats and rabbits receiving vaccines is of great concern for the health and welfare of the nation’s pets. It’s important that we improve the vaccination levels before we face a resurgence of pet suffering with vaccine-preventable diseases.

“The Vaccine Amnesty means that owners need only pay for the first part of the vaccination, as if their pet was receiving a booster. Our sponsorship of the follow-up vaccination equates to a 40% discount on the cost of vaccination: a procedure which will protect the individual pet and also improve the protection for the general pet population by improving herd immunity.

“We would urge pet owners who have not had their pets vaccinated for at least 15 months to contact us as a matter of urgency.”

The Pets’n’Vets Family Vaccination Amnesty also allows for the opportunity for a general health check from an experienced veterinary surgeon.


For further information please contact Oliver Jackson at tel 0141 649 4949

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Date: 16 August 2017

Notes to Editors

• The Pets’n’Vets family is a collection of veterinary practices. Glasgow’s own vets, run by Glaswegians, it is a small and friendly partnership, with surgeries around Glasgow and surrounding areas.

• Because the Pets‘n’Vets Family is run by animal lovers, its vets understand just how special their pets are to their clients. It aims to offer the best local service, care and value with no gimmicks or tie-ins – just excellent vet care.

• The Pets‘n’Vets Family has been caring for Glasgow’s pets for over 40 years and its practices are all Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Accredited. To find your nearest practice visit www.petsnvets.org