Wylie & Bisset, the leading Glasgow and Manchester-based chartered accountants with a national reach, has issued an eight point plan designed to help Boards safeguard Academies against risk of failure.

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Wylie & Bisset partner Graham Gillespie said: “Good governance is essential to ensure the effective operation of Academy Boards. This means, an effective Board is critical to the ongoing success of its school.”

Wylie & Bisset, in conjunction with CGPM Consulting, offers a suite of services to support Boards in making their Academy as robust as possible.

“From a Governance Health Check, to Board performance reviews and Trustee Assurance work, our education and Academy specialists work with Boards by cutting through the jargon, testing knowledge and preparing step-by-step action plans.”

Wylie & Bisset’s eight key questions to help Boards think about their continuing development and help ensure the current and future success of their schools are:

1. How do you test the ongoing quality of your governance to ensure that you meet your individual and collective responsibilities and obligations?

2. As your Academy or Trust grows, how do you ensure that your governance scales with you and remains fit for purpose?

3. the regulation of Academies and Charities is increasingly demanding. How do you remain aligned to the requirements in such a dynamic landscape?

4. How do you shape and test the long-term financial sustainability of your Academy or Trust?

5. How do you ensure that your trustees have the right skills to meet their individual and collective responsibilities and obligations?

6. Is your Board as effective as it could be, or as you think it is?

7. How do you use any time set aside to consider the future of your Academy to greatest effect?

8. How do you obtain the right level of the right kind of assurance over your strategic, operational and compliance activities?

Wylie & Bisset offers a free one-hour consultation. Contact a member of the education team at education@wyliebisset.com to find out how to access its low cost, fixed price, Governance Health Check.

For further information please contact Graham Gillespie on 0141 566 7000.

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Date: 8 April 2019