Award-winning Glasgow vet turns Jack Russell into Jane Russell in gender reassignment surgery

An award-winning veterinary surgeon at The Pets’n’Vets Family, a network of veterinary practices with surgeries around Glasgow and surrounding areas, has performed gender reassignment surgery on a Jack Russell Terrier.

molly intersex

The owner of Molly, a cute Jack Russell, took her pet along to the Pets'n'Vets Family’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Accredited Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in Glasgow’s Southside when she became concerned about their behaviour.

Molly’s excited behaviour was causing discomfort and abrasions.

Ross Allan, the 2017 BSAVA Melton Award winner for contributions to small animal practice, explained: “Molly was what is defined medically as a male pseudo hermaphrodite or more commonly ‘intersex’. Her particular anatomy meant that whilst Molly appeared to be a female, closer examination revealed elements of both male and female external genitalia and unfortunately this was leading to significant genital discomfort.

“If left untreated this risked her developing a long-term and debilitating condition. We decided that the very best solution for Molly was to proceed with definitive surgery to create an anatomical situation which would avoid ongoing issues or discomfort.”

During the surgical procedure, Mr Allan found that Molly’s internal sexual organs were that of a male, possessing testicles in the place of ovaries within her abdomen. The complex surgical procedure involved removing her pseudo male sexual organ and forming a functional urethral opening where the female genitalia would normally be found.

“The surgery was a great success and Molly is much more comfortable and happier as a result. Intersexism is rare in pets, and some cases will not require any treatment at all. In Molly’s case it was a painful condition which was causing problems and surgery was an important step to ensure she was able to go on to live a pain-free life.”


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Date: 25 April 2017

Notes to Editors

• The Pets’n’Vets family is a collection of veterinary practices. Glasgow’s own vets, run by Glaswegians, it is a small and friendly partnership, with surgeries around Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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